Minha mãe é uma peça

Cândida, connexion 2, Teacher Ivan

This is the funiest film I have ever seen. It is so hilarious that it is impossible not to laugh.

The film is about a lucky girl, called Hermínia. She is divorced and her ex husband is engaged with a younger woman, Soraia. Therefore, Hermínia's attention moved to, Juliano and Marcelina, her children. However, one day she listenned them called her boring and stayed absolutely furious. After that, she went to her aunt's house, Zélia, but they didn't know, and there she talked about her past and present experiences. At the same time, Marcelina and Juliano, have to adapt to live without their mom.

The film is directed by André Pellenz, it was filmed in Niterói and it's based in real life of the leading man, Paulo Gustavo. He is the best brazilian humorist, his performance was amazing, near him, all cast was secondary.

I laughed from beginning to end, this film is a must-see. I highly recommend "Minha mãe é uma peça" for a super fun night. You will laugh a lot.

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