Tropical Savanna

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Hiking There are many varied and wonderful walks on the property, some challenging (like a hike to the top of Mt Bellenden Ker) but most, a leisurely stroll through the unspoiled rainforest.PhotographyA nature lovers dream, you will have the opportunity to capture native wildlife in their natural environment such as: the striped possum, tree kangaroo's, the flightless cassowary, platypus, peacocks, red bush turkeys, Ulysses and Cairns birdwing butterfly, the iconic green-tree frog, wahoo pigeon, fireflies and hundreds more.Explore the rainforest and for the adventurous spirit take a hike up the mountain, swim in secret rock ponds, and have a natural spa in the running streams, a perfect alternative for a romantic afternoon. At dusk you will see the fairies of the rainforest, fireflies come alive and illuminate the rainforest as if in a fairytale.Bird watchingEven if you aren't an expert in bird watching you can't help but admire the huge array of tropical bird life that live all around you. For your comfort and convenience why not use the eco-club buggy to explore the property.Scenic Helicopter FlightsFor guests wanting to arrive in style Down Under Helicharters offer flights direct from Cairns Airport to your romantic retreat at Misty Mountains.

Plants In The Tropical Savanna

Baobab Tree produces fruits with a powdery pulp found to contain high amounts of vitamin C.

Elephant Grass provides shade,shelter,and food for the biome animal.

Gum Tree Eculptus used for medicine to treat wounds for different types of inflammation and back condition.

Bermuda Grass controls soil erosion.

JackalBerry Tree used in medicine, to make wood,floors,and furniture.

Umbrella Thorn Acacia soil improver.

Acacia Senegal food for cattle,goats,and camels.

POISONOUS PLANTS bloodwoods, stringybarks and other eucalypts, is a highly poisonous tree, known in parts of Western Australia as 'camel poison'. All parts of the tree are toxic, even dry leaves, although it seems that little corellas can eat the seeds.

Animals In The Tropical Savanna
The Black Mamba is the most deadly animal they live in rocky places in open woodlands.They mostly sleep in hollow trees.The Black Mamba eats rats,squirrels and mice.

Black Mamba

The Koala Bear has rough paws that as traction so they don't slip and fall off trees while trying to get away from predators.The Koala bear eats leaves.The Koala Bear lives in the woodlands and forests.Koala Bear sleep 20 hours a day.

Afraicain Elephants migrate they have a physical adaption that allows them to acess waters that is not available to other animals.Afraicain Elephants eats grass,tree leaves,flowers,fruit,and shrubs.Afraicain Elephants sleeps for 30 minutes.

The Savanna biome's climate is wet/dry.
There is a distinct dry season,which is winter.The savanna gets the least ran in the winter.During the dry season,most planets die,and animals migrate for food purposes.
In the wet season/summer most rain falls,and dead or dying planets become lush and green again,and rivers flow freely.Animals return now to graze and find for.This time is advised for vacations and visits.
Over all the Tropical Savanna is a amazing place to go for a vacation or just a quick Trip!
The Tropical Savanna is a place you need to be

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