My Project Life

By Becky Drummer

About Me

I am single with one child. I have an eight year old daughter named Allison. I am a Compliance Officer and I drive 17 miles to work.


  • I make an annual salary of $65,000 a year.
  • I pay $1,636 in taxes every month.
  • My monthly average income is $3,820.

Established Expenses

Each month I spend the following:

  • $30 in Health and Life Insurance for my daughter and I.
  • $45 in Medical and Dental Expenses for my daughter and I.
  • $191 in Savings
  • $38 in Charitable Giving
  • $40 for my Unlucky Chance Card

Chance Cards

A reckless driver rammed into my car last month. I got a check for $3,000 to cover my car repairs but $2,500 goes directly to the body shop to cover my damages. I get to keep $500 which equals out to be about $40 extra dollars a month. My best friend is having a baby and me and my friends are throwing her a baby shower. I split the cost of the shower gift, so I ended up spending $40.

Personal Investments

I inherited stocks in three companies: 10 shares of Panera Bread (PNRA), 75 shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL), and 75 shares of Visa, Inc. (V). In total my investments made me   $63, 513.90. On day one I made $62,707.46. On day five I made $63,905.90.


I live in a house on 617 Raemar Dr, Colorado Springs, CO. My house costs $150,000 and I put down a down payment of $10,000. My monthly mortgage is $682.17. My house has 5 beds, 3 baths, and a two-car garage.


My utilties include my electric bill, water bill, and phone bill. I pay $135 a month for my electric bill. My water bill is $40 a month. My telephone bill is $30 a month.


I own a 2014 Chevrolet Impala LT. The purchase price for my car was $28,995. I payed a down payment of $5,799. I pay $60 a month for insurance. All together my monthly payment is $733.14. I am a little over budget on my car payment but I'm under-budget on my house payment so it all works out.

I drive 17 miles to and from work everyday. That averages out to be 800 miles a month. My car is new and gets 25 miles to the gallon so I spend about $50 a month on gas. My car is new so I pay $20 on monthly maintenance.

Home Improvement

For my home improvement I decided to buy a new king sized bed, a new comforter set, and a new couch. I spent $1,065.97 altogether on my home improvement but it works out to be $48.41 a month.

Food, Household, & Personal Hygiene

I spend about $199.38 every week on groceries for me and my daughter. Which ends up being about $797.52 a month. This price includes my daughter eating lunch at school everyday, myself having two business meals a week and going out to supper one night a week.

Clothing & Accesories

I went shopping for myself and my daughter and I spent $81.99. I bought a leather jacket for myself for $42.00. I bought a pair of shoes for my daughter for $14.99 and a dress for $25.00.

Entertainment & Recreation

I spent $112.90 on entertainment and recreation. This included my daughter and I going to Sibley Park and Madison Lake. We went to the Wow Zone one  night which cost $36.90. I went to a Twins Game one day which cost $28.00 for the Twins tickets and $48.00 for a babysitter for the day.

Cable & Dining Out

I chose the Standard Service Cable package which costs $56 a month. My daughter and I go out to eat for supper once a month so that costs $19.  

I will be depositing $860.87 into my First National Bank savings account.

I will be donating $38.00 to New Creation Outreach Church.