the taste of revenge

The ball coming towards me like a bullet. The ball drifting  through the air.  I feel  wind going around the stadium whhiiss.Sweat on the courts. Saliva with sweat on the green hairy ball.  I hit the ball whhiiss it rushed  onto her side.  The court is glossy green  the net is stiff metal I  see the crowd.  Her eyes are fierce, her  lips are dried up like the desert nervous, as I  see her devil face serving the ball.  I feel anxious I’m swaying side to side my head is peeking around like I’m a hawk.  My body is moving around like a 5 year old.  I feel excited like it’s my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  I wacked the ball to the girls side of the court .  My opponents hits the ball, it’s coming for me like a bullet with her sweat spinning off  it .  Then the ball  comes to my side and then the ball dropped  like there was no graffiti.  Can taste sweat as it’s going down my head, like a sweaty dog.  I hear the crowd go BONKERS,  the ball speeds  past me .  I wack the tennis racket the ball shots over to my opponents side she hits it then the ball speeds past me.  It hit the line 1 love.  I feel amazing , feels like I’m the CHAMPION. 

I feel powerful  oh no the crowd goes my hands go to my face she drops to the ground I’m the bully now.  I smacked the ball again ohhhhh her nose.  It’s a pignose the crowd says her two  front teeth  were knocked out by the speeding  bullet whhiiss.  I feel amazing and confident when the  ball smashes up to  her face I pull a terrifying  face, bring my hands to my sweating face.  The crowd shouting in terror  ….. I see them crying and I see her bloody pig nosed face , I see the ball brazing  up to my sweaty bloody face OOOHHH!!!!!.  The crowd  goes they see her my hands go to my face in torcher  I hear her smash on the  ground like she has just been murdered.I go and help my dreadful opponent up. 

By Nateisha

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