Hello and Welcome to the Muscular System!

Here you will learn about how your muscles come together to form you, help you move and how to keep your body healthy.

This is a picture of the human body. The muscles are in your hands, legs and in so many other areas in your body!

Fun Facts!

-Cardiac muscles are one of the three types of muscles

- Smooth muscles are involuntary muscles

-Skeletal muscles are muscles that you can control.They are also guided by ligaments that are attached to them

-Smooth muscles are on your stomach,bladder muscles and intestines.

-Skeletal muscles are on your skeleton and connect with your bones

-ligaments are muscles that connect with your bones

Do you know where your cardiac muscles are? They're in your heart!  



Animals have Muscles Too!

Don't leave animals out of the topic! Some animals [such as the deer above] have flexible bones. Every animal is made differently for different purposes. For example, birds have hollowed out bones that are light and don't interfere with flying. As for rhinos, they want large bones such as their horns so that they have better protection.

Birds have hollowed out bones so that they don't interfere with the birds flying

Question Time!!!!!

We asked the creators of this Tackk to answer a few questions about the muscular system.

Q:Do you think that your muscles are healthy?


Creator1- Yes. I do soccer almost every day and enjoy to run and stretch.

Creator2-yes I play on a high level soccer team and I don't weigh much and I work out.

Creator3- {no response}

Q: Are there certain types of muscles that you should mainly learn about?


Creator1: I personally think that you should learn about smooth and cardiac and skeletal.

Creator2:  yeh creator 1 is right (end of story)

Creator3: {no response}