1. I think inheritance means like a trait you get from a family member. Or Money you can get when a family passes on.

2. I think on important thing I have inherited from my family would have to be to be strong nand cause I have a very strong family. Another thing Wouod be too be independent no matter what.

3. I thing A thing i have inherited from school would be knowledge from ever school I have attended since Kindergarten because every school I have gone too have taught me knowledge in different categories per grade.

4. I think what I have inherited from the books we have read this following year would be each person we read about in the books had different life story's that can be connected in a lot of ways.

5. I think something people have inherited from me is too always smile and be happy cause when people are around me it's just positive energy. So I would say people have inherited strong positive energy from me.

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