Video production

sessions 1-4

In session 1, I got to learn some of the basic uses of a camcorder. I learned the three main stages of a video production- pre-production, production and post production. I also learned three camera movements- close-up, medium shot, and wide shot. My partner and I took a video of each other reading out a paragraph of an article that was on the internet. During session 2, we edited out news brief and looked at different types of video productions. In session 3, we got to create our own Public Service Announcement, or PSA. Mine was about how illegal drugs were bad for teenagers. We got to record and edit our PSA in session 4.

Sessions 5-7

In session 5, we got to see how video production influenced people and we got to plan out our commercial. Session 6 was all about the history of video production and recording our commercial. In session 7, we got to explore the Federal Communications Commission, merge all of our videos, and burn them all onto a single DVD.

video production: director

A director is one of the most important jobs in video production. This person gives out the commands for the crew and is responsible for the outcome of a production. This person makes sure that the camera shots are usable, effects are working properly, and the output of it is good. The director is the leader of the whole production of a movie, video, etc.