Gun Control

The second amendment is the law the pertains to Gun control


The NRA (National Rifle Association) Pressured the Government not to press gun control laws.

The National gun control Inc. Supports gun contol, Sarah Brody is the main group orginizer.

Democratic and Republican Stance.

DEMOCRATIC: Supports laws to regulate guns.

Gun violence is a serious problem

Government needs to impose restrictions to regulate the purchase and ownership of guns.

Legislation for gun control

Hand gun control inc.


Oppose laws to regulate guns

Passage of sun laws has not reduced gun violence.

The government needs to vigerously enforce and punish criminals who use guns illegally.

Oppose gun control "guns dont kill people, people kill"

National Rifle association (NRA)

My views on gun control

I am against gun control, but i do think that in some circumstances they need laws. i believe in order to get a gun that you need to go through more than just a background check. I belive that you need to go through a IQ Test, And a mental Health test, But other than that i am fine.

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