The Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Egyptian Sarcophagus

There is an Egyptian Exibit, Greek and Roman Art, Medieval Art, and an American Section. I visited all of these places and took pictures in evey one. But unfortunatally I was not able to downlowd all the picture onto this tackk. Sorry. But enjoy the pictures

The biggest column in the museum
I found this in the greek and roman art wing

A Chalice

I do not know all the namesI am only familiar with the Egyptian god Isis (Second to the left) and Anubis (Last to the right).

The Crown

A Funeral Boat

This crown is designed with Teke jewelry, with simple design that all girls love

A Mantel Clock

Overdoor Cr

It comes from Pulazzo Sagrndo, Vince. And it belongs to the Sagrndo Family for the first half of the 18th century.

A lion

A bunch of knights on their horses

I found this Big column in the Greek and Roman Art E

The Burghers of Calais

The Chalice was used for either reglious persecution or

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