Public vs Private Schools

          So there is a lot of debate on what type of schooling is better then the other. Personally I believe that it depended on the child that resaves the schooling. Some adolescents do better when they are in smaller more specialized class setting. Other excel when they're in a more social area with broader topics.

Will the Child Excel?

           There are many factors that go into desiding a school for each student. You must be well informed before any thing can be finale.

          Public schools have more choices in classes, sports, arts and music programs. All of the teachers are certified educational instructors. Going to public schools can create social structures for both students and adults. On top of all of this the price to attend is low.

          On the other hand public schools have larger class sizes. Children may see and/or hear personally disapproved of life styles and foul language. Classes are to be taught and average learning level which can be slow or boring to advance learners.

          Private schools specialize in certain topics. The class sizes are smaller and the curriculum is harder.

         Most private schools are religous based but this is purly personal prefrence if its good or bad.

          The problem with private schools is that teachers are actuly not required to have a deegree of any type. There aren't as many choices in classes or any special education classes. Most of the private schools make you take an entrence exam before you are alwoed to learn there. On top of all of this private schools are often very expensive.

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