The turnig of all or part of an orgnisum in a perticular direction.

ocean ecosystem





carrying capacity: the number of organisms that a region can support with out environmental degradation.

If all the fish started to die out there will be less sharks.

Limiting factors in this ecosystem

Amout of allgy avalubel,and fish

Predeter pry relationship

Shark and seal,fish  if thir were less seals and fish the shark population would decres

The food web starts with krill wich gos to the whils the bakteria gos to the whils and bottum feeders krill  goes to the fish fish goes to the sea lions and pangons the pangons go to the walrses. If ther were no bakrera ther would be no krill wicth means evry thing would die out slowly.

Ther are more ways for the energy to flow in more direcstion then in a food chain.If i removed a animal from my ecosystum ther will be less animals.

It is a pyramid because shape because the majoraty of the energy lise with the producers sinc thay reciv ther energy from thesun.

Thaer are more prducers because thir aer more of them.


carbon dioxide 6C O2

water 6H 2O

sugar C6 H12 O6

oxygen   6O2


The turning or part of an orgnisum in a purticular direction.


Thay are vitel to my ecosystum because they decompose all the dead plats and fish.

Ther will be a lot of dead plants and fish in the ocean.



A shark having shap theeth helps eating big animals in the ocean,and being big helps it frome being eaten by other preditor.

A sea aniname having a shoking sensation to protekt its self frome other predetors of clown fish.

puting a shark in a lake thay would die of lack of salt.

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