Blog #3
Social Issues
By, Quin Hogg
Teacher: Barrisford
April 16 2014

         In this novel the main character has to deal with social issues including  poverty and race discrimination.  These issues effect Steve Harmon in many ways he writes in his journal that him writing the screenplay is helping him keep is sanity. When he was arrested he was trying to look cool and tough but that did not help him at all, he realized that looking cool and tough was not going to help a young black male such as him self in a court of law. He writes "The trouble I'm in keeps looking bigger and bigger. I'm overwhelmed by it. It's crushing me."

          Steve always has his journal on him he writes about everything that happens he writes a screen play to keep the issues that are small from turning big in his own mind. He starts to realize while he is in  jail and things keep getting worse and worse that the poverty he thought he had to face in the real world is ten times worse living in a jail with many other convicts. The movie he was writing was so much more than just a movie. “The movie is more real in so many ways than the life I am leading. No, that’s not true. I just desperately wish this was only a movie.”

           My personal response to theses social issues is the fact that I've never had to deal with racism against me but I have had to listen to racism towards my boyfriend. It is a hard thing to deal with because no matter what you say or do the discrimination will never be stopped no matter how many laws are enforced there is always going to be that one person who does not want to abide by the laws. Sometimes no matter how much you fight for what you believe in not everyone is going to believe in it. I have gotten into many arguments and almost fights with people who think it is okay to discriminate against black people and they may let you think you won the fight most of the time their ways never change once not in your presence any more.

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