Thousand Words
Angela Paiano

March 24, 2015
Tough Question

As I began reading the first few pages of this book, a tough question came to mind. Why did the boy who get the picture, not get the same charges as Ashleigh? Considering he is the one who sent them to everyone else. He was the one who was sexting everyone else. It doesn't make sense that he doesn't get the same punishment, if more. Yes, she shouldn't have sent any pictures, but she didn't send them to everyone else, he did. Anyone who got the picture and saved it should get in trouble also.

March 25, 2015
Contrasts and Contradictions

Reading some more of the book, I've noticed that Ashleigh acts different now that she is doing community service, than before she got in trouble. She always goes to he friend Rachael's big summer party. She never misses it. She always enjoys going to it, but the summer is different. She's not in the mood to party. Usually she went  with her boyfriend, but now she would be alone. She said she had to beg Kaleb, her boyfriend, to hang out with her lately. He was always hanging out with the guys. He always said he only has a few months left with the guys but has forever with her. She thought she could trust him. She used to be happy going to school, but now shes worried about going. Shes worried about being called names and sexual comments being said.

“People talked. Let them talk. Nothing I could do to stop them. They knew the thousand words, but they didn't know the rest of the story.”

Jennifer Brown, Thousand Words

March 26, 2015
Aha Moment

After reading some more of the book, an aha moment is when Ashliegh, Rachael, and Vonnie are talking about how Kaleb needs an unforgettable goodbye gift. Vonnie and Rachael are talking about how Kaleb chose his boys over Ashliegh and that's his choice and if she want him to remember her, she needs to sent him a picture of herself. Not just any picture, a naked one. That way he will always remember her. He will always look at it, and won't move on to a college girl who will give more than Ashliegh. She thinks about it and she realizes she does need to do something that will get his attention, and it seems like a good idea. After all only Kaleb should see it.

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