The Mind Of A 16 Year Old.
by Chris Ferreira

Broken Beauty


Money is fabric
Why is it valued by us
Why is it like that


Adventures are fun
There are long ones and short ones
They are always cool


Football is the best
The greatest sport invented
It makes my heart beat


Jiggling jelly jumped out of the fridge and followed Franny from Finland to Jerusalem. Aunt Clammy climbed the cliff to eat earbud goop. Mike has a bike that he likes. Chris has bliss and he got kissed by a miss named dis. There's a funny bunny named honey that likes it sunny. Larry is hairy like his brother Gary who married his wife Canary. My friend Billy is hilly and ever silly. My cousin Dill takes pills that are on the window sill.

Bloody Fish

The Fish is covered in blood
Only because he was in the mud
Dogs are covered in suds
From rolling in the flower buds
Keira is fun
But all she eats is buns
Mary is super duper hairy
because she loves to have dairy
George is

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