The Situation

what's going to happen?

The struggle between these two families is real, me as the wedding planner is trying to make this fair and as balanced as possible. I think that we should do a half and half. Part of the ceremony will be with a Rabbi, the other half with an Imam. It may be hard to do this, and find a priest that actually will, but I think we can do it. For the sake of both families. I'm going to have the the seating arrangments with the Palestines on the left and the Jewish on the right. It is fair, and they are separated. I'm going to have the wedding take place in the city of Jerusalem, because it's almost the borderline of both sides, so instead of having the wedding on either side and causing a conflict, why not have it in the middle? Also its wear the wailing wall and the dome of rock are, which are the worshiping spots for both sides, so in order to be fair we should put it in between. The two sides fight over borders, security, water rights, control of Jerusalem. There is border conflict between them because the Isreali people have a much bigger land space then the Palistine people, so that caused an argument. The religious conflict comes because Palistine people are Christian-based  and Sunni muslim mostly and the Isreal people are mostly Jews. These topics should be left out of discussions at the wedding because we don't need fighting, but other than that I find that this will be a successful wedding with a happy couple.

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