World Religions Christianity Shane Holland

This is Jesus son of god

The year or years it started in 2000 years ago.

Who started this religion is Jesus

This is called a cross its the symbol for Christianity.

Christianity spread all through the empire.The cross is an example of Christianity.Christianity began 2,000 years ago.Around the time Jesus born a man named John the Baptist he predicted the coming of Christ.Jesus grew up to be a great teacher and healer.When Jesus was 33 years old he was sentenced death by being hung on the cross.

All Christianity people believe in one god.

It's a little girl praying because she is a Christian.

The book with their writing in it is called the bible.One example in the book is every Christian prays from the bible.

The Christians pray in a church

They celebrate the holiday Easter.

This is a picture of Jesus in the water praying to the sun.

Christianity is a nice religion Christians read the Bible and pray in churches. Christianity is the second largest religion in the world.Most people in America are Christians Most Christians go to churches with the Bible and pray to the lord.They believe in one god and one god only.

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