Brighton beach memoirs

Brighton beach memoirs by noeli simon


The Great Depression

He is the protagonist, a teenager preoccupied with his own problems, and he is also an observe making notes . Starting to experience puberty although the wet dream shows that his body is changing and he is not emotionally ready to give up childhood just yet. he depend on his parents

Colleges in the 1930's

Back then in 1930's  the tuition cost $400 . Room and Board: $520
Text-books: $35 . the different between college back then and today is they didnt have the internet, email, or personal computers

UTEP  The mascot of utep is Paydirt Pete

prices of the past appear to be cheap 17 cents per gallon in the 1930s

different  cots of foods , 1 pound bread$0.09
1 pound butter$0.46 , 1 dozen eggs$0.52.                                                                                         In 1930 the average cost of new car was $640.00                                                                             Doctor $3,382 , College Teacher $3,111

Information about college

The University of Texas at El Paso

The school was founded in was established as a department of the main branch of the University of Texas in Austin, the school's colors were originally orange and white.

UTEP was the first college in any Southern state in the United States to integrate its intercollegiate sports programs. UTEP offers 71 undergraduate degrees 

An America in Paris show

The coast of the tickets An American in Paris $177 . there are ones most beautiful love stories

is based on the 1951 movie

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