StevenCallaghan-7D-Digital Photography  and Editing

I have edited this using i have learnt that tackk  is a good source to edit my pictures.

This photo represents teamwork, it represents teamwork by them working together to get something done.

I edited this photo in I added fog,fire and lasers.

This photo represents teamwork to save a dog. I chose the photo because its teamwork.

I edited this in i added colour and magic lines.

This photo represents teamwork I chose this photo because I like fishing, they were helping them get fish.

I used to make it alot more smoother  and added love hearts, rainbow and flowers.

i chose this photo because of them helping each other to get to safety.

I USED to add the ninja, the cupcake,the hoop and the colour

This is all my edited photos together i like pink.

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3 years ago

My first one plz no hate.