Tim Wright Under Review

Tim Wright is a judge who has had nine charges filed against him for illegally selling seven firearms to a known felon and for smuggling weapons. He is pleading innocent but cannot plead ignorance because if he had done a proper background check on the recipient of the weapons, he would have come up as ineligible. After Mr. Wright was indicted, officials searched his home and recovered 51 weapons.

The Attempt for Innocence

Mr. Wright's lawyer has told the court that he is innocent, despite the fact that the 51 guns were found in his house. There is a high probability that Mr. Wright is guilty. If he had done a background check on the purchaser, he would've found that the guy was not allowed to buy guns because he is a known felon. Because Wright didn't do this check, it is suspected that he knew about the purchaser's legal status. Wright's lawyer is also currently asking for more time before the case.

Jaywalker Arrested

A jaywalker near The University of Texas in Austin, Texas was arrested for failing to identify who she was when asked by the police. They were handing out tickets for jaywalking and for people breaking bicycle laws when Amanda Jo Stephen ran past. She claimed to have ear buds in but an officer in front of her had said multiple times to stop. When stopped, Stephens used profanity towards the officers which caused her to be handcuffed. She was out of custody a couple weeks later.


Forced into Chemo

Yesterday, a teenage girl named Cassandra C. in Connecticut went home from the hospital that an attorney said was "effectively a jail". Cassandra had been diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma and was told she needed to have chemotherapy to have any chance of surviving. Only two days after starting, Cassandra ran away from the hospital she was at to avoid chemo. A judge then, without the right to do so, ordered her into custody of the state and forced her to go through the procedure. Cassandra has now recovered but people still wonder how the judge got away with this ruling but the Supreme Court ruled that she was not old enough or mature enough to make decisions about her well being.




"An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do."

Some consequences could be:

  • Redoing the assignment
  • Failing the assignment
  • Receiving a reduced grade in the course
  • Failing the course with a grade of XF (indicates that course was failed due to academic dishonesty and student cannot graduate until they have it removed by going through remediation)
  • Counseling or recommending remediation for the student
  • Dismissing the student from the University
  • Having a record that indicates you committed an act of academic dishonesty

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