Police Officer

By: Makayla Rodger

Career Description

Police officers are always in action. They are responsible for keeping the citizens safe and unharm. They arrest criminals, arrest with warrants, involved with car and run chases, and most importantly protect the community.

Required Skills

Police officers need to be well physically fit and not weak. For this reason is because they need to be able to catch a running person that is running away from them as fast as they can. They have no choice but to have strength in their body. Most police officers have to have the ability to take down any ciminal no matter what size they are. Police officers need to be mentally and physically fit for their job.

Educational Requirements

Anybody that wants to be a Police Officer nees to take as much Criminal Justice courses as they can in the 4 years of college. For example, take Introduction to Crimal Justice Freshman year to get started then work the ladder from there. ULL (University Of Louisiana Lafayette) requires $8,000 for training for all 4 years.


Police Officers make about $54,000 a year and $1,082 per week. After working for about 5 years, Police Officers are expected to make over 1 Million.

Future Outlook

It is not really hard to met the requirements to become a Police Officer. Totals job for Police Officer in the U.S is over 271 jobs. It does have a long future because the more Police Officers we have, the better the citizens will be safe.


Benefits of being a Police Officer is that first it is a job and they will make money. Second, they will witness crazy action. Not only will they see action, they wil be involved in the action.

Similar Career

One other career that is similar to being a Police Officer is being a Prison Guard. Prison Guard has the same action, witnesses crazy situation as Police Officers do.

Why I picked this Career

I picked this Career because I love the action that are involved in. I would fit good int his category because I am already physically fit, strong, and fast.

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