My Story

I was born on July 6, 1997 in Cleveland, Ohio…of all places. Actually, I spent most of my childhood moving around. After Ohio, I moved to Pennsylvania, then Washington, then California, then India, and finally California again. I attended a different school every year of my life up until middle school. Weirdly enough, though, I think moving has played a huge role in shaping who I am and my love for new experiences. Throughout my life, I have involved myself in as many activities and endeavors as possible—whether it be sports, academics, extracurricular activities, my social life, or my family life and culture. As of now, I am really passionate about athletics (cross country and track and field), academics, and service to others.

I am a part of a family of four--me, my dad, mom, and my little brother who is in 7th grade. We are a pretty close knit family, however me and my brother a little more distant because there is five year gap--but I can tell that soon we will be able to relate and get along better. As a family, we have close ties to our Indian culture and traditions, and our Hindu religion. After living in India for a little bit as well, I have really been immersed in my culture and experienced it first hand.
Over the years, I have gained a perspective on life that I hold very important to me: success, happiness, and love can be achieved through positivity. Though I have experienced numerous challenges throughout life, especially in high school, I have been able to grow from them mainly because of my positive outlook. It is something I hope to take with me in the future--through college and beyond. I hope to become someone who impacts others--whether it is simply (through a smile or nice gesture) or severely (through my potential profession as choice--a doctor).
I hope that I continue to grow as a person, and I have Archbishop Mitty to thank for the immense growth I have already experienced. I am excited for my future, and can't wait to add to my story.

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