they're the heros

by: Cameron Nash

3 main people have been in hurricanes.  Matt, Ariel, and De'monte Love.  They all have tings in common and things that are different.

 Ariel and Matt both live in Rockaway, are known as heros,  survived hurricane sandy, and technically saved people.  The difference between them is that Matt is a boy and Ariel is a girl, Matt stayed in the storm while Ariel left to Washington, Matt help people out of the storm, Ariel didn't.

 De'monte and matt Re more alike.  they both are boys and they both saved people.  De'monte love saved 6 kids while Matt saved a grandma and a dog.  De'monte and Ariel are less alike.  Ariel made a website, but De'monte didn't.

 Altogether they were considered heros and they survived hurricane sandy.  They are considered heros because, they didn't only think about their lives they thought about others too.

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