Blended Learning

A Case for Future Research

Research Questions

What engagement, knowledge acquisition, and product creation advantage does a blended learning environment, consisting of LMS, face to face, and social media space, have on the student learning experience?

Research Design

Henceforth the three learning elements will refer to:

The course will consist of one face to face session bi-weekly, online learning resources through approved LMS, and a social media collaboration space, (Ideally Google +) for the intent of real time text, audio & video communication, and resource sharing.

Proposed Timeline

Case study timeline will consist of one full semester of study.

Proposed Data Collection Method


  • Google Form assessing User Experience with each of the three elements in the blended learning course preceding the start of the course.
  • Google Form at the conclusion of course assessing value each element brought to learning experience.

** Both will be done on Likert Scale.


  • Interview a cross section of students at the beginning, middle, and end of the course addressing value of each of the three learning elements of the blended learning model
  • Observe student attendance, activity, and sharing in each of the three learning elements of the blended learning course.

Video Credit: Adam Wagler via Vimeo Channel

Case Study Participants

Case study participants will consist of undergraduate education students and the teachers of those undergraduate classes.

Case Study Setting

The case study setting will be in a university education environment.