BI Analysts at Sirius Cybernetics Corp... in Coppell,Tx

                Business Intelligence Analyst one job every company needs

                The top two need to have a masters in MBA or engineering everything                                           else requires a bachelors degree

                           Business Intelligence Analysts- Full Time( 3 yrs of experience)

                                          Data Analyst- Full time(2 yrs of experience)

                                          General Managment - Full Time(2 yrs of experience)

                                          Consultant- Part time( a yr of experience)

                                          Sales- Part time(A yr of experience)

                   If you're ready to jump in to the world of business come to Sirius                                             Cybernetics Corp

A business Intelligence Analyst needs analyze the company's growth rate and their companies competition in the field and how they compare to them in the field.

              If you want to apply for this job send an email to

                               sanjayk@sirius cybernectis corp

   For any further questions send me an email or call me at 214-563-7890


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