Japanese Beetles

Chewing insect

Common species of chewing insects:

Caterpillar, grasshopper, spider mite, black vine weevil, whitefly.

Potential damage

Can be a highly destructive pest to ornamentals, trees, shrubs, turfgrass, and vegetables.

The invasive pest is especially harmful because the adults and immatures feed on plants and can cause significant damage when in high numbers.

Adult beetles feed on the upper leaf surface, removing leaf tissue and releasing an aggregation pheromone that attracts additional beetles to a potential food source.

Methods to Control

In early morning, shake beetles from plants onto dropcloths, then drown them in soapy water; or shake beetles into a can of soapy water to drown.

Cover plants with floating row cover; apply Heterorhabditis nematodes or milky spore to sod to kill larvae.

Spray plants attacked by beetles with insecticidal soap.


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