How Swine Live

This is what pigs could be! but instead there torched

This picture shows that the pig can not barely move and the piglets have trouble with getting to her because of the bars.

Please watch this but be aware that this is pretty graphic. These piglets are abused from day one I mean not even giving them any medication when they cut off their tails and using a shovel to do it that's just sick.

This next video was about a pig Jenny and her life in 30 seconds. Now please note that at the end of the video it says to go vegan I am not asking you to go vegan but I do not know about you but I can not be a vegan.

I think pigs deserve to live like this not in a barn in a cage where they can only move an inch.

Once the pigs come of age they get sent to the market but in not sure what the age is.

This picture is about how they haul the pigs to there death. The pigs on this truck are crammed up there with the rest of them.

After they get sent to market they get slaughtered and make money off of the pigs by selling the meat

The picture above is supposed to be a family pig picking with BBQ in it.

Also how my tackk is set up the caption is below the picture!

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