New Rules

by braden

Rules for woman: Woman must stay indoors and take care of their children. I want this rule because woman do not deserve to be outside in the nice weather.

Rules for samurai: Samurai must carry their swords at all times and be ready to fight at every moment. I want twenty samurai with me at all times to protect me. I want these rules so that every samurai is ready to fight and im protected.

Rules for peasants: Farmers must continue to farm our foods for the society but must be indoors by 9:00 pm. I want these rules so that we continue to have food but our farmers are safe.

Artisans: All important artisans must continue to build their things until 8:00. I will send letters to all important artisans telling them they are important. All artisans not important shall be done work and in their homes by 6:30 Blacksmiths must continue working until 10 pm. I want these rules so we have our important things and we have lots of weapons.

Merchants: merchants may not work because they may trade things to the other side of the war. They may assist me in my place if they want. they will get paid. I want this rule because I dont want the other side getting an advantage.

Outcasts: Outcasts are no longer in the city whatsoever until this war has passed. If anyone catches an outcast you get 100$ to bring him in.

Everybody: Everybody must stay within the city limits until the war passed. You need my personal permission to leave.

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