10 Stylish Music Icons and Their Contribution to Fashion

Music and fashion are two different industries that complement each other in terms of self-expression and art. Many musicians have made their mark in their respective genres, but only a handful of them were noticed for their contributions to the world of fashion. Knowing no boundaries—be it era, language, or genre—music continues to influence this generation’s way of living and fashion choices.

Here’s a list of 10 music icons from the eclectic 70’s, to the 80’s punk rock, to the minimalist 90’s, and to the experimental 2000s who sure know how to entertain their audience through fine sound and stylish clothes:

1. Lady Gaga

Known for her outrageous music videos and style that either garner applause or raise eyebrows, Lady Gaga is not afraid to experiment. When she first entered the music scene, her straight platinum blonde locks and big round sunglasses were her signature pieces. She continues to surprise us by presenting a scantily-clad Gaga on award shows or by wearing a meat outfit that leaves us wondering if she’ll ever run out of ideas.

2. David Bowie

Aside from British rock icon David Bowie’s unique quality of music, his flamboyant fashion is something to be remembered. He rocked the 70’s using his alter-ego Ziggy Stardust—an androgynous redhead whose stage costumes are tight-fitting one-piece suits featuring a galactic feel. This trend that he started continues to grace music magazines today and serves as inspirations for fashion editorials and runway designer clothes.

3. Adam Lambert

Following his stint as an American Idol finalist, Adam Lambert is a winner in his own right. His songs “For Your Entertainment” and “Whataya Want from Me” were instant hits thanks to his amazing vocal prowess. His attention to detail is seen in his stage outfits that consist of leather jackets, studded or spiked accessories, and black earrings that scream goth and punk rock rolled into one. Who could ever forget about Adam’s guyliner and spiked hair that adds up to his stage presence and oozing charisma?

4. Katy Perry

Katy Perry channels the all-American pin-up girl look and has been playing with it since her debut album. Corsets, vintage-inspired outfits, 1940’s-style black hair, and light-colored eyes are parts of Katy’s ensemble, making her a glamorous blast from the past. She can mix sweet with sexy by wearing revealing sweetheart necklines while dancing to cotton-candy pop music or singing to slow, emotional ballads.

5. Siouxsie Sioux

Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees has taken androgyny to a whole new level and made it a fad not only in London but also in the whole alternative fashion community. Siouxsie incorporated femininity in men’s clothing by injecting leggings, fishnet stockings and gloves, jewelry, and strong eye makeup in her outfit. The epitome of glam rock and rock chick fashion, Siouxsie was never afraid to dress out of the box.

6. Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain earned his immense following not only from Nirvana’s success but also from his unconventional style of clothing. The grunge look--classified as a non-pulled-together look—is one of the main influences of Nirvana’s front man. Plaid, flannel, and wool cardigans were Kurt Cobain’s contribution to 90’s fashion that is still loved until now.

7. Gwen Stefani

No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani still continues to make waves with her music and style even after her prime during the late 90’s. Blonde hair, red lips, and a top that reveals her toned abs—this has been her look ever since which complimented her minimalist rock chick look. Gwen Stefani has combined glam with rock, incorporating basic punk style with feminine pieces which serves as inspiration for girls looking for some edge with their everyday outfit.

8. Amy Winehouse

Grammy award-winner Amy Winehouse differentiated herself from the mainstream pop music by offering a new sound in the pop category. She mixed her deep, powerful vocals with soul, reggae, and jazz tunes, and produced a genre only Amy can do. Her signature beehive hair and Cleopatra-inspired makeup continues to be a fad. Amy Winehouse may have ended her blossoming musical career a few years ago, but her contribution to music and fashion will forever live on.

9. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is a legend. His music continues to live on and transcends age, gender, and geography. One of the most iconic musicians of the ‘80s who has produced hit after hit was also a fashion icon. Michael Jackson’s military-style jacket and shimmering outfits are already part of modern street fashion.

10. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler’s music and style is timeless. His wide vocal range is still regarded as one of the best and his fashion one of the easily recognizable ones in his genre. He likes wearing scarves and often ties it to his mic stand while performing. Steven Tyler’s typical stage outfits consist of bright and printed low-cut tops, ripped jeans, and disheveled hair—a play on the typical dark rocker ensemble.

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