Traveling To Venus!

Lets fly to Venus!

Venus Atmosphere

Venus is covered by thick, spinning atmosphere making is very hard to get to. The thick clouds trap the sun's heat and making a scorching surface hot enough to melt solid metal. Because of this you’ll need to bring a fire resistant suit, a non-melting space ship and lots of ice cold water. You also need to bring food because there’s no food on Venus. It’s atmosphere consist of carbon dioxide and its clouds are made out of acid droplets. Sulfur compounds are abundant in Venus’ clouds ; the corrosive atmosphere lightning burst were confirmed. Lightning on Venus is associated with sulfuric acid clouds. It’s thought that Venus was completely resurfaced by volcanic active 300 to 500 million years ago surface so be careful where you land. Venus has two large highland areas, Maxwell Montes the highest mountain on Venus and comparable to Mount Everest on Earth. So that’s what you'd expect on Venus.

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