Standard 1: Indicator 1
Commitment to the School Community

Indicator 1: The teacher takes an active role on the instructional team and collaborates with colleagues to improve instruction for all students

In order to score a 4 in this category one must continually take a visibly active role in driving instructional improvement in the school, leading collaborative groups around instructional practice to ensure that students are participating in instructional activities that meet their individual needs.

This indicator is focused on:

  • teachers being instructional leaders school wide
  • collaboration between colleagues
  • improvement in student instructional outcomes

The rubric uses the word VISIBLY to describe the role in driving instructional improvement in a school.  This would seem to imply the necessity of a teacher to have evidence that can be transmitted to the his/her evaluator in order to display competence toward this indicator.

  1. Use of pictures and video of collaborative planning that one has contributed to (STPT, PLC, PD) could be evidence. Once taken, upload these to your teacher portfolio.
  2. Adding subscribers/editors to your lesson plans would be another visible way to demonstrate proficiency per this indicator. Take screen shots of these plans and add them to your Teacher portfolio.
  3. Using surveys/polls for reaction or ideas from colleagues and students could be used to improve STPT, PLC, PD and instructional outcomes. These could be used to track improvement over time.  Use of a Google form, Survey Monkey, or another one of the myriad digital surveying tools would simplify your life.
  4. Retaining copies of everything that is created during collaborating with others would also seem to satisfy the indicator. Take a picture/video of anything that is created during collaboration if done by hand. If a digital document is created, save this as well. Also, one might collaborate via a digital tool. You'll find links to online collaboration tools below.

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