''Explaining the problem of gangs''

1."Summary of the problem"

Gang problems makes a lot of people get in trouble. there's a lot of gangs that cause trouble. there's a lot of gangs that cause problems. it leads to bad things like death, prison or drugs etc. this is a huge problem in our community that cant be taken care of.

2."Define the community that your problem affects"
the community that this problem affects are gangs, families,relatives, friends, neighbors, business, doctor, or church members because they pray for their people and community to be safe.
3."How serious is this problem in your community?

4."How widespread is the problem in your state or in the nation?

5."why is this a problem that should be handled by the government? should anyone else also take responsibility  for solving the problem? why?"This problem should be handled by the government because gangs cause a lot of damage to society. No one else should take responsibility because if anyone does,then the problem will get bigger than it already is.

6.Pick one of the following subtitles that you think is true and explain why:

"The law for dealing with the problem is adequate, but it is not being well enforced."The reason why we chose this subtitle is because if the law/government did a really good job,then there would be absolul

7."What disagreements,if any,exist in your community about this problem?


8."Who are the major individuals, groups, or organizations taking sides on the problem ?"

the major individuals are the government organizations taking sides on the problem to have a law against the gang or get rid of the gang

Answer the following under this heading:

a) Why are they interested?

government is interested because gangs commit too many crimes

b) What positions are they taking?

the government are taking away the peoples car, or home.

c) What are the advantages and disadvantages of their positions?

the government good point is to put them in jail so they can change and act normal. the government bad point is that they don't want gangs to hurt innocent people because they are the reason who causes a lot of crimes

d) How are they trying to influence government to adopt their views?

the government are trying to stop gang violence. also they are trying to make a new law and rule

9."What levels of government or government agencies, if any, are responsible for dealing with the problem? What are they doing about the problem

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