The Aztecs

The Aztecs during the twelfth century began a long migration that lead them to the Valley of Mexico and established a capital called Tenochtitlán, now called Mexico City. The Aztecs constructed and built roadways and other public buildings. A monarch who held all power and who claimed lineage with the gods ruled the Aztecs. Boys and girls in Aztec society had very different roles. A male infant would have to leave his home to go be a worrier and the female infant would have to stay in there homes and were expected to work in the home, weave textiles, and raise children. Huitzilopochtli was a very important god for The Aztecs he was the god of the sun and of war and he was very important to Aztecs warriors as they expanded control over neighboring peoples. With the help of city-states they enabled the Aztec to dominant an empire that included much of today’s Mexico.

The Aztecs clothing would cover a little of their bodies. Also depend on your class what clothes you would wear. The woman would wear short sleeve shirts or a sleeve less blouse and skirts. The men would wear a triangular cape called Tilmahtle or Tilma and also skirts would be worn. The main food that The Aztecs would eat would be tlaxcalli, it’s like a modern day tortilla wrapped around vegetables and meat. Pozole is another important thing they ate the corn right off the cob and used the kernels in soup. The most important god they believed in was their sun god, Huizilopochtli they also used him as their god of war. The Aztecs would use wood, straw, stone, sand, lime, and clay, and water. The Aztecs would keep track of time with the ‘Aztec sun stone’ or called the ‘Aztec calendar stone’. The Aztecs would get their food by hunting and gathering and also by long- distance trade and especially farming.

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