Nyrel Malcolm

day 1

I made a robot out of clay. It was tiny. So I named it tiny. It was cute too. If I 3D print it I will make orange. I made it my self.

Day 2

Today I made a castle out of clay. It is tiny. The person in there had a giant head. The castle had one door. It also had four towers.  

The cardboard castle was fun to build with my friends. We won most realistic too.

Day 3

I was on tinkercad.com. I did the tutorials. The last one was the chess piece. I also made my name.


I made a keychain. It has my name on it. also I made this tackk. It looks awesome. It is also orange as you can see.   


This morning we learned about different types of filament and 3D printers. I made a castle, it looks like a honeycomb. I made it from scratch.There is a person. There is also a dog and a cat. I added a removable roof to give it more character. My name tag was printed too.

Day 6

I was on tinkercad.com. I made a house with three levels so far. There is going to be more levels. I am going to do that tomorrow. The house has an elevator instead of stairs. I can't wait to 3D print it.


I was on tinkercad.com. I made the fourth level today. It has two bedrooms. There is also a TV. There is a couch and a window. Below are the pictures of the new version of the house.

Day 8

I made cufflinks for my dad. They have his initials on it. It is light blue. I also made a giraffe.

Day 9   

I made a forest. It is green. There are three trees. I made it for my giraffe. there is also grass. The trees are for the giraffe to eat.