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Regarding Prices.The lowest video matrix review may not be as important as ensuring that you are getting a quality productfrom a reliable and trustworthy supplier. I have been in a number of factories in China wherethere are in effect two production lines. One produces “el-cheapo” products to supply peoplewho think of nothing but price. The other produces a much better quality version of the sameproduct. Surprisingly the price difference is often only a small one.

12.13 Possible Profits.I once had a call from a potential customer desperate to obtain a custom-made product, butevery company they had contacted was not interested because the order was only for 1,000items. I knew a company in China that made vaguely similar items and I asked them to quote.The landed cost worked out at approximately $3.00. I quoted the customer $21.00 each and gotthe order because they absolutely had to have the product and nobody else would even quotethem. I pocketed a profit of $18,000 for an outlay of $3,000 and for very little work.That does not happen every day, but the point I make is: Don’t be afraid to charge what themarket will bear, rather than a cost-plus price. On a cost-plus basis, I would have charged$3.00 x 250% = $7.50. That is my usual minimum profit margin; 60% of the selling price. Ican happily live with that, but I can really enjoy $3.00 x 700% = $21.00 – a margin of over85%.Some importers regularly make much higher margins, but that is usually because they havefound a niche that is not widely exploited. I have seen products retailed for as much as 10times what I know to be landed cost.

12.14 Custom Made Products.Most of what I have written so far relates to standard goods that the manufacturer alreadyproduces in volume.If you are aware of a locally made product, or even a high priced imported product of a type

you are familiar with that has a very lucrative video matrix review , you may want to consider having thattype of product custom made for you in a low cost country. It is safer to first consult a lawyerspecializing in international intellectual property rights, because you must beware of breachingintellectual property rights such as patents, copyrights, or trademarks.If you are satisfied that the product can be legally and ethically copied, you would then contactmanufacturers who make the same kind of products. Remember that designs are often subjectto copyright, so if your custom made product looks almost exactly like a brand name product itcould be regarded as a counterfeit, with dire consequences for you.You may not find manufacturers who produce exactly the same item, but if for example youwant to copy leather aprons with tool pouches, you may not find suppliers who make thatproduct exactly, but you could probably find some who produce other leather products.If you want something made especially for you, there are a number of matters to take intoaccount:

 Much longer lead time. Depending on what is being made, how complex it is, and whatset-up work may be needed, it can take months to even obtain your first sample.

 If casting, stamping, or injection molds are needed, these can be very costly. For example asimple stamping tool for a medal might cost $40 - $100 for a single sided item, or doublethat for a double sided one. A plastic injection mold may cost $20,000 to $50,000.

 Fabrics woven to your design can require jacquard costs up to $500.

 Items to be printed will have set up charges ranging from $20 to $500.

 It can be difficult to ensure that the manufacturer interprets your drawings and writtenspecifications the way you interpret video matrix review .

 A manufacturer will usually require a substantial order to compensate for the extra timeand effort needed to develop the new product.

 If you have your own original design that you want made, you will need to take steps toprotect your own intellectual property, and for this you will need the help of a lawyerspecializing in international intellectual property rights.I suggest that you should not consider custom made products unless you yourself have a goodunderstanding of, or experience in, the manufacturing process.

12.15 Do they seem reliable?The best way to test that is to request a sample. You may have to pay for it – more on that later.If the sample arrives promptly, that is usually a sign of reliability. You should also requestclient references or testimonials. Chinese companies are reluctant to supply these because theythink you may be trying to obtain a commercial advantage. You need to assure them that youonly want to ask their customers about reliability, service, and whether quality metexpectations. 80% of Chinese companies will still refuse to supply references so you need tomake other inquiries.

12.16 Are they helpful?Prompt replies to your emails are usually a good indication that they are helpful. This appliesparticularly if you ask for an explanation about some aspect of the product. Note: the Englishspeaking secretaries will invariably be under instructions to try hard to get new business sothey will email you repeatedly. Do not mistake this for being pushy.

12.17 Will they accept small orders at first?Most will at first insist on a minimum order that will possibly cost more than you are preparedto spend, but if you follow my methods in the next chapter, “Samples & Small Orders,” manywill allow a small first order.If they are unwilling to agree, I would move on to more cooperative sellers.


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