Middle Class

By:Luis Rodriguez

People that are less fortunate than other have to pay higher taxes than the rich people.  The "Middle Class" have had a conflict between the rich because unfortunately, current high tax rates for the wealthy have created class division.  By the past years this has being a fight for the equality among the population. Everyone should pay the same amount of income and start giving the same help that is needed for the poor to survive against harsh situations.  High Tax Rates has created a division that are known as the poor, the middle class, and the rich.     

"Its time the rich start paying their fare share; poor people need help."  Many rich people do not need the majority of their money, do to this, they should donate, not all of their money, but maybe a little amount that could help, or even save others that are less fortunate.  This is why rich people should offer their help to others.  Among many nations across the world, the conflict between class division, keeps going on.  The rich should take in consideration that there are people with families that do not have a place to live of even food to eat.

Increasing Global income inequality caused the global financial crisis.  "The richest people and the hundreds of thousands somewhat less rich, could not invest the money themselves."  They needed intermediaries, the financial sector.  Overwhelmed with such an amount of funds, and short of good opportunities to invest the capital ass well as enticed by large fees attending each transaction, "the financial sector became more and more reckless, basically throwing money at anyone who would take it."   Increasing global income became a conflict between the people that needed money and the ones that didn't had to worry about loosing more of their income.

The middle class and the rich came to an agreement that put them in same position by equally rising the tax rates.  "The middle class and those poorer than them were happy to see their tight budget constraint removed as if by a magic wand, consume all the fine things purchased by the rich, and partake in the longest US post- World War II economic expansion."  At the end, the middle class finally felt they had the "victory" because their income budget constraint was removed.

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