the assassination of Robert kennedy

5 facts

Los angeles,CA June 6, 1968

brother of john f kennedy

u.s. senator 65 - 68

was in the u.s. navy for some years

graduated from Harvard

Where did he live ?

Lived in boston, New York

details of assassination

june 5 1968, ambassador hotel in Los Angeles, by islam extremist named sirhan sirhan

How did it affect history with his death

he was a very powerful man, he was a lawyer in u.s. department of justice, managed his brother john f. kennedy's campaign for president and worked as an assistant counsel for the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations

the assassin

sirhan sirhan

assassins fate after the crime

life in prison

5 facts about the assassin

he was Palestine or jordananian

was abused when he was young by his father

has some college knowledge

was in ROTC sort of called "California cadets"

and knows how to speak german, Russian, as well as english

he was alone all by himself and went up to him with his .22 caliber revolver and shot kennedy 5 times killing kennedy of wounds 22 hours later



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