Solarize Floyd
Deadline to apply is Oct 31!

The deadline to sign-up for Solarize Floyd is this Friday, October 31. Signing up simply means you are interested in a solar PV system that will provide electricity to your home and would like to participate in a local program that may give you an affordable opportunity to go solar.

Once you sign up a satellite image of your home will be conducted and a determination concerning the potential for solar – southern orientation of roof, shading, etc. – will be made. If there appears to be potential for solar then you will be assigned to one of three local solar contractors who will then schedule a site visit. There is no cost to sign up nor is there any obligation.

Any contract you sign will be between you and the contractor based on the site visit and a proposal from the contractor. All three contractors are working under the same pricing structure and costs that are well below the national average. We are also happy to announce that the Bank of Floyd has designed a loan for Solarize Floyd to help residents of Floyd County to go solar.

So the important thing right now is to sign up before the deadline of close of business this Friday, October 31. You can sign up online at And please contact Billy Weitzenfeld at 745-2838 or for any questions. There has never been a better time, a more affordable time and a more important time to go solar than right now. Thank you.

Billy Weitzenfeld
Executive Director, AECP
540-745-2838 (Check it out)

Deadline to apply is this FRIDAY!