Simple Game Mechanics in Scratch:
Pause Button

So you can go grab a sandwich.

Since we have started Scratch at DHF I have decided to make a series of short Tackks about individual game mechanics. A Game Mechanic is one element of the rules of a game, such as the ability to Move or the ability to Run or Jump in a platformer like Mario. Every individual function is a separate Mechanic. Major AAA games have hundreds of Game Mechanics all working together as a system of rules to make up a game, but all games have a smaller set of Core Mechanics. The ability to pause a game might not be a Core Mechanic, but it is still an important Game Mechanic to include, so I created a simple bouncing ball project with the ability to pause the Ball. It is easier to examine a Game Mechanic when it is removed from the complex systems of interwoven Mechanics and presented as simply as possible, so hopefully students learning Scratch can learn how to create a Pause Button by studying my example.