this TACKK Is By,Caitlin Lindsey

Checkout's (Read It)

this book explains to people who are interested and
like each other but to nervous to talk
and one day they meet up again and their together but with other people!

Do you think u could fall in love at A checkout line. well appears so in the book checkouts by Cynthia Rylant  There was this most intelligent, beautiful, friendliest girl you could ever meet who was very upset she had to move to Cincinnati and didn't like the idea at all until one day something happened!

In The book Checkouts  the lovely girl sat in her room in Cincinnati glaring out the Window missing the best time of the day. nothing to do not getting friends and then one day she felt as if  it  had all fell on her she needed to explore her new state maybe she will end up liking it after all.

the beautiful girl with bushy red hair and a large orange bow with the brightest smile went to a store asked by her mom to get some groceries and she loved to grocery shop so she left without a complaint later on she got to the store got the groceries and right there she looked at the checkout line and instantly fell in love she was putting her items on the checkout table and the boy with orange hair and very shy  checking it out glared at her and dropped the jar of mayo he was very nervous and did intentionally mean to do it but only did it by accident.

Also in the story the girl was very interested in the boy but very shy to speak to him she as well he was to and later she went home and she was in her room thinking her mom did not understand her nor her father she was with curiosity if they understand her feelings of moving and how she had to make new friends and also their parents told her " its okay darling you are the nicest freindliest person you will make friends very quick".

do you think the ending is going to be very sad happy or delightful i wonder maybe you do to?

 the story was interesting because of what happened at the ending of the story. But even though whom she had seen at the movies. doesn't mean that her and the bag boy could have hit it off and only if they would have talked to each eachother!

Cynthia rylant! check out all her short stories!

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