Children development (6-10)

Created by: Damaris Najera & Quandarrias Carter

Intellectual:Children will begin explore new activities.Also talk to them about trying new things as well. Show them that you care. Examples: learning new things to work the mind.

Physical:  Kids this age like to move. Many become restless and wiggle if they sit for too long. Also practice balance with them helps them to continue learning successfully.also doing things outside

Emotional:Treat your kids with a little more respect.Children at this age tend to get their feelings hurt a lot more.Also help them when they're worried and feeling sad .Children like to know that you’re there for them.

Social:Children at this age have become more adapted to their surroundings. They also have become more challenging.And children tend to do best with only one friends. Instead of a group were more problems can be made, and later on become emotional

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