This is us on the bus on the way to Crystal Caves
This is us in the auditorium about to watch a video about Crystal Caves.
This is what the inside looked like
This is the group that I was in.
THis is our group and in the back there is the lucky pillar
Read this for info about bats.
This is a picture of 1 of the bats we saw
This is what is in caves that are on the ceiling.
These are some fossil's from 444 million to 448 million years ago.
Read to see what kind of animals I was talking about.
This is us panning for gems such as emeralds, and crystal points.
This is us when we found gems and found allot of them.

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3 years ago

We went to Crystal Caves and had lots of fun there with our class and a few parents. We went to a room where the employees told us about the story of Charlie the caveman who lived long ago. We also saw a formation called stalactites which are the things that hang from the ceiling of a cave. At the end we got to go panning for gems and found a lot of gems and some were shiny, some were dull, and some were really small or big. We also saw and learned a lot about bats and did you know bats eat 3000 bugs a day in the summer?
There are still a few things I have not told you but one day I hope I will see you and tell everything about the amazing Crystal Caves. By: Omair