Two Churches, One marriage


I never knew  being a wedding planner would be this difficult. I have never experienced something so crazy and different. A Muslim and Jew want to get married. How do I make this equal and fair to please the family's and the bride and groom. Making things half and half will be different but that's what I will do. There will be two ceremony's to please both the bride and groom. One ceremony will be with a Rabbi, and the other ceremony will be with an Imam. This will be no problem, because I won't have to separate the Palestine and Jewish people on each side of the room. To makes things fair, the wedding will be in Jerusalem since it is right on the borderline instead of it being on one side or the other. This is perfect because it will not cause any conflict between the two families. An interesting thing about it being in this location is there is worshiping spots for both families. It is something called the Wailing Wall and the Dome of Rock. Hopefully both families don't fight over the remaining key issues which are mutual recognition, borders, security, water rights, and control of Jerusalem. Or how a majority of the Jewish public sees the Palestinians demand for an independent state, and thinks Israel can agree to such a state. Also how majority of Palestinians and Israelis view the West Bank and Gaza Strip have expressed a preference for a two-state solution. The border conflict between them is different because the Israeli people have a much bigger land space then the Palestine people, so also may cause an argument. The religious conflict is a big one because one side is Muslim which is Sunni and the other side is Jewish which is christian. To make this wedding as planned these topics should not be addressed.

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