Los modismos
Por: Armando Ramírez

Los modismos: Origin, Literal Meaning, Meaning of Idiom.

1. Se me hace agua la boca

Origin: This phrase has been used since the mid-18th century, it’s had been utilized when referencing food or things that might "excite" a person.

Meaning of Idiom: to make someone hungry

Literal Meaning: it makes my mouth water

2. Mentar la soga en casa del ahorcado

Origin: It was famously used by Cervantes’ most famous character, Don Quijote.

Meaning of Idiom: to put your foot in it

Literal meaning: To mention the rope in the house of a hanged man

3. Tirar la casa por la ventana

Origin: In the 18th century during the reign of Carlos III, who decided to put lottery in spain the year of 1763.

Meaning of Idiom: no expense has been spared or that money is no object.

Literal Meaning: to throw the house through the window

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