How To Use a Chromebook      

By: Ava Henry

Misuses of Email
Do you know what the expectations of your email are. If you don’t this article will tell you. It will also tell you the cause and effect of sending bad email.
One thing that you can do is that ask a teacher for help through email. For example if you are at your house and you are having trouble with your homework you can email your teacher instead of asking him/her in the class room. Then they will most likely help you
with your homework so you can get it done in time.
But what if you misuse your email. Like sending inappropriate pictures or saying bad words. The teachers can see any email you ever sent. So if someone says something or the teacher is suspicions they can see any email that you've ever sent. You can get sent to the principal's office and even get your Chromebook taken away.
So never type or send anything inappropriate.
Another Thing not to do is send mean emails to friends or anyone else. For example if you and your friend are in a fight and you send him/her a really mean email. then you make up and she/he sees it and then gets mad and you're in a fight all over again and thats not very good. So The teachers may also have consequences if you send a mean email. You could also lose your friendship.

Knowing What to Do
Do you want to know what do if someone sends you a bad email? this article will tell you what to do if you get a bad email. This is for your Chromebooks so you won’t be frozen in this situation.
An example of this is someone is on their Chromebooks and they are trying to be funny and they send an inappropriate picture or email. Remember that teachers can look at any email that any student has sent but they don’t look at it every time someone sends an email.
If that happens you must tell a teacher right away. Even if they are your friend and they sent it to you because they think that you will be okay with it and not tell anyone you have to. Also if the teacher finds out about the email then knows you saw it and didn't say anything you could also get in trouble.

How To Make A Folder
First, open Google drive. you can find it on the bottom of the screen. It should be at the bottom of your screen but if it not you can click the box of squares and then the drive icon and other icons will come up. Then just click on the drive one. Next, click on the big ‘create’ button, It will be in the left top corner.
After that, click on the button that says folder and has a picture of a folder.Then, if your teacher tells you, you need a folder in that folder repeat the second,third and fourth step and then drag it into the folder you just made.
Finally, you can work on your folder and add documents

Pencil and Paper Vs. Chromebook
There are good things Chromebooks and no technology and bad things about them. I am going to tell you them to get you prepared for Chromebooks. Then you can decide if you like Chromebooks more than no technology.
There are many good things about Chromebooks so you can do best when you do easements and just school work. Something that Chromebooks can help a lot with is that it has spell check. If you are bad at spelling spell check makes it a lot easier to do schoolwork and it saves time because you do not have to edit your paper after first writing. Another good thing is that you can organize your folders and documents a lot easier. also a great thing about Chromebooks is that your writing is always neat. If you are doing handwriting it can be sloppy and sometimes you can not read it.
There are also cons or bad things about Chromebooks believe it or not. One thing is to make shapes, charts and diagrams is very difficult. you have have to push around 8 buttons. You also have to charge Chromebooks and you never have to charge a pencil and paper. Another hard thing is that you have to learn how to type fast. if you are using a pencil and paper you can write really fast.
There aren't just bad things about pencils and paper there's good things too. For example you do not have to print to get it onto paper. If you're writing with pencil and paper its of course already on paper and you can give it to someone who does have a computer so you can’t share it with them.

Life With A Chromebook
Do you wonder what life with a Chromebook is like. Well this piece of writing will tell you.
I personally think chrome books are OK they are helpful in somethings but make other things stressful. One thing I do like about Chromebooks are that they make homework more easy. It makes chrome books easy because your teacher can give it to you on the Google class room so you don't have to go to study hall because you will have it on your Chromebook.
One thing that is a little annoying about the Chromebooks though is that you have to charge it and have internet. Some times you can't get your work done because there was no internet connection. I also think its good that we get to take my Chromebook home because the kids that don't have laptops or computers get one for the whole year.

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