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Erin B.
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My biggest fear is the dark. Since i was little i have been afraid of it. When my mom tells  my to take the trash out i always have to have either my dog or a flash light with me.

The person that means a lot and that i'll probably never see again is my stepdad. He was a role modle for me let me make the right dissisions and was the dad i never even had.

Also I'm like the hulk when I'm angry most of my friends try not to get me mad. I have had an temper ever since I was 8 and it gets so bad that sometimes I make my brothers cry. I've punched holes into doors, lost my voice several times, Even thrown chairs.

The one song I could play over and over again is I hold on by Dierks Bentley. I grew up listening to country. my mom and i would just go on car rides just to listen to country because she thought it was way cooloer than being home  and listening to music.

The moment that change everything was  when I met my friends the are one of the biggest influence in my life and I have no idea what I would do with my life.

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