the book thief movie review

This movie/book is based on the beloved best-selling book comes the story of a girl who transforms the lives of those around her during world war 2,Germany. When her mother can no longer care for her , Liesel (Sophie Nelisse) she adopted by a german couple (Oscar winning Geoffrey Rush) and (Oscar Nominee Emily Watson). Although she arrives illiterate,Lisel is encourage to learn to read by her adoptive father. When the couple takes in Max (Ben Schnetzer),a jew hiding from Hitler's army, Liesel befriends him. Ultimately,words and imagination provide this extraordinary,acclaimed film directed by brian percival (Downton Abbey)


Deleted scenes

main characters

Sophie Nelisse : Liesel / Main character

Ben Schnetzer : Max / A hiding jew

Nico Liersch : Rudy / Liesel's best friend

Emily Watson : Rosa / mother

Geoffrey Rush : Hans / Father

There is a book and a movie  I would rate this book or movie ten out of ten

The End

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2 years ago

hope you enjoy and i love this movie so much i coudld watch this a thousand times and still not get enough

2 years ago

😃 😃 😃 😀 😀 😀

2 years ago

i love this movie

2 years ago

so much