Freedom From Fear:
Finding Freedom and Wellness
on the Other Side of Fear

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“Nothing in life is to be feared,
it is only to be understood.
Now is the time to understand more,
so that we may fear less.”
~Marie Curie

Astronaut Chris Hadfield
Talks About Real Danger vs. Fear
And What it is Like to Ride the
Space Shuttle and Walk in Space...

"...the real question is, how do you deal with the danger of it and the fear that comes from it?
How do you deal with fear versus danger?...
What is the real thing that you should be afraid of?
Not just a generic fear of bad things happening.
You can fundamentally change your reaction to things
so that it allows you to go places and see things
and do things that otherwise
would be completely denied to you ..."

~Astronaut Chris Hadfield
Video Below...
"What I Learned From Going Blind in Space":

" can now look back at what was an incredible experience. You have taken the dreams of that nine-year-old boy, which were impossible and dauntingly scary, dauntingly terrifying, and put them into practice, and figured out a way to reprogram yourself, to change your PRIMAL FEAR  so that it allowed you to come back with a set of experiences and a level of inspiration for other people
that never could have been possible otherwise."
Astronaut Chris Hadfield:

How I Make Friends with Fear & Worry

                                                     By: Barbara Byrne
"If my past is of any use, it will evidence that all previous decisions made with Fear and Worry as the guiding force have turned out to be not in my general best interest. I have invited them to sit beside me now as I meditate. I visualize them each sitting close on either side of me, I drape my arms around their shoulders as they alternate turning toward me snarling, baring their pointed, sharp, large teeth. They even attempt to intimidate further by snapping those teeth at my hand dangling off their shoulders, or they lean in inches from my face and slowly contract their quivering lips to highlight a menacing smile.

And I breathe deeply.

Sitting that close to them I can feel them in my body. Fear manifests as nanosecond sparks of electricity tingling in my stomach and migrating to my chest—as internal fireflies. Worry is my mind’s treadmill. “What if” scenarios on a constant loop in my mind’s eye that shortens my breath, tightens my jaw, landing as a heavy weight in the middle of my chest."

TED TALK  - Karen Thompson Walker:
"What Fear Can Teach Us"

Freedom from Fear means letting go
of what seems safe and secure sometimes

The (Only) 5 Fears We All Share
"When we know where they really come from,
we can start to control them."

According to Karl Albrecht, Ph.D :
Fear has gotten a bad rap among most human beings. And it's not nearly as complicated as we try to make it. A simple and useful definition of fear is: An anxious feeling, caused by our anticipation of some imagined event or experience.

Medical experts tell us that the anxious feeling we get when we're afraid is a standardized biological reaction. It's pretty much the same set of body signals, whether we're afraid of getting bitten by a dog, getting turned down for a date, or getting our taxes audited.

Fear, like all other emotions,is basically information. It offers us knowledge and understanding - if we choose to accept it- of our psychobiological status. And there are only FIVE BASIC FEARS, out of which almost all of our other so-called fears are manufactured.

33 Powerful Ways of Overcoming Fear … Right Now
Overcoming Fear - Ball and ChainGetting through fear is a skill that anyone can learn.
The problem is that most people cling to their fears, because it’s part of who they are.
If you aren’t ready to face your fears, you probably won’t.
And there’s nothing wrong in that. Everything happens in its own time.
If you’re reading this article though, I’m pretty sure that you’re ready to take another step forward. You searched for this information, or you bumped into it, which isn’t just a coincidence."

There are definitely things to be
concerned and wary about,
but much of Fear's Power
comes from within our own minds

It is true that there are definitely things to be concerned and wary about.
However - let's also remember that there are many people
who lived through personal days, months, years - of suffering, anguish and foreboding
who came to realize the important TRUTH that
Fear can be devastating and immobilizing - ONLY IF WE LET IT...
That although there may be legitimate external threats in life...
that Fear is also a Matter of the Mind -
and how we perceive Fear influences its power over us.

One of those people was President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who bravely served the USA during the Great Depression and World War II, while also enduring the physical and emotional effects of polio which paralyzed his legs:

President Franklin D. Roosevelt - First Inauguration, on March 4, 1933 during World Wide Depression and when Hitler's Nazi Terror began.

Another such person was Nelson Mandela, who spent nearly 3 decades in prison for his resistance against the white minority’s oppressive regime in a racially divided South Africa. He eventually went on to become the President of South Africa
and won the Nobel Peace Prize...

10 Tips for Overcoming Fear:

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Thoughts on Fear of Change:

The Fear Cure: Cultivating Courage as Medicine for the Body, Mind, and Soul
BY: Lissa Rankin M.D.
"Not many people in the medical world are talking about how being afraid can make us sick—but the truth is that fear, left untreated, becomes a serious risk factor for conditions from heart disease to diabetes to cancer. Now Lissa Rankin, M.D., explains why we need to heal ourselves from the fear that puts our health at risk and robs our lives of joy—and shows us how fear can ultimately cure us by opening our eyes to all that needs healing in our lives.

Drawing on peer-reviewed studies and powerful true stories, The Fear Cure presents a breakthrough understanding of fear’s effects and charts a path back to wellness and wholeness on every level. We learn:

  • How a fearful thought translates into physiological changes that predispose us to illness
  • How to tell true fear (the kind that arises from a genuine threat) from false fear (which triggers stress responses that undermine health)
  • How to tune in to the voice of courage inside—our “Inner Pilot Light”
  • How to reshape our relationship to uncertainty so that it’s no longer something to dread, but a doorway to new possibilities
  • What our fears can teach us about who we really are

At the intersection of science and spirituality, The Fear Cure identifies the Four Fearful Assumptions that lie at the root of all fears—from the sense that we’re alone in the universe to the belief that we can’t handle losing what we love—and shifts them into Four Courage-Cultivating Truths that pave our way to not only physical well-being, but profound awakening. Using exercises from a wide range of mind-body practices and spiritual traditions, Dr. Rankin teaches us how to map our own courage-cultivating journey, write a personalized Prescription for Courage, and step into a more authentic life."

Face Your Fears: A Proven Plan to Beat Anxiety, Panic, Phobias, and Obsessions

by David F. Tolin

"Everyone experiences fear and anxiety, but when fear begins to dominate your life, it can be devastating. You don't have to live that way. Whether you suffer from moderate anxiety or debilitating fear, a specific phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, or any other form of anxiety, Face Your Fears will change the way you think about fear and what to do about it.

This up-to-date, evidence-based, user-friendly self-help guide to beating phobias and overcoming anxieties walks you step by step through the process of choosing courage and freedom over fear. In Face Your Fears, celebrated therapist Dr. David Tolin introduces a highly effective and scientifically proven treatment called exposure therapy, in which you gradually confront your fears. Drawing on moving stories from the hundreds of patients he has treated successfully, Dr. Tolin defines the six different types of anxiety and helps you determine which type you need to overcome. He guides you step by step through the gradual exposure process as you learn how to eliminate crutches and safety behaviors, address scary thoughts, and examine the evidence. You'll learn how to track your progress and you'll feel yourself taking back control of your life one exposure at a time."


"How I Learned Not to Take My Panic Attacks Personally"

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