My alien from Pluto


My alien name- 1-Eye

Alien age on Earth-11 years old

Alien age on Pluto- .016 years old

Alien weight on Earth- 10 pounds

Alien age on Pluto- 0.6 pounds

Planet of origin- Pluto/ Terrestrial

Basic facts

A day in life

Pluto is the 9th planet from the sun.

Pluto has 5 known moons. Charon is sometimes called Pluto's twin.

When Pluto is closer to the sun, it has a working atmosphere. When Pluto is far from the sun, its atmosphere freezes and fall to the surface of Pluto.

Pluto has weather.

Pluto's surface is -400 degrees Fahrenheit.

A day in life

It takes almost 248 Earth years for Pluto to revolve around the sun.

It takes about 6.4 Earth days for Pluto to rotates on its axis once.

I read that Pluto is 715 miles wide. I also read that Pluto is 2/3 the moon size.

Interesting facts

Pluto is the ninth planets sometimes counted as the eighth  planet. Pluto became considered as a dwarf planet in the year of 2006.Pluto sometimes get hit by objects in space. It is the only known dwarf planet with an atmosphere. Pluto is so far away from the sun, that even during the day, you can still see the stars.Pluto has a retrograde rotation. Pluto has a moon almost its size. Those are the interesting facts I seen during my research or anything I could think of.

The Description Of My Alien

For extra heat, when my alien goes to Earth, it collects wood to create fire. It has a self-heated system and green laser eyes to heat the wood. My alien eats rock and when they're in his system he turns them into mineral which change into gems after he change it to that way. Sometimes my alien goes to Earth to collect plants and sometimes he melts the rocks over the fire that he would create. He has 1 eye. Last but not least, 1-eye has a greenish-yellowish-bluish chest and stomach area.

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