#MiamiU Greek Life

1. Friends friends friends! Joining a sorority or fraternity is a great way to meet lots of new people you probably wouldn't have the chance to meet on your own. Plus you already have something in common, you're Greek! You'll most likely be spending a lot of time with these people so you're bound to make new friends, some of which might be your roommates for the next three years and your very best friends.

2. Events! When you're Greek, there's always something to do. Everything from socials and themed parties, to Greek Week and Bump It Thump It, you'll have plenty of events to go to and plenty of people to go with. Getting dressed up in colored tights and silly outfits has never been so fun, and who better to do it with than your friends!

3. Family! When you Go Greek, you don't just get new friends, you get a second family. These girls become your sisters, and you literally become part of a family - you get a BIG and then a LITTLE...each year your family grows! There's nothing quite like being a part of Greek Life, it gives you a sense of community and belonging.

Love, the greatest of all things.