Summer Vacation

By: Holly Heckerman

I started out the summer flying down to California to visit my cousin and his fiancé with my brother. We went to the zoo, Safi park and sea world, and for coarse shopped. Other than that my summer was all soccer wither it was training, practice, games, meetings, or just hanging out, I was always with my team. We started the summer out going to Seattle for regionals. Then 2 or 3 tournaments here, then we went to Portland and got first in our division winning 5-0. Also like me my brother was at some kind of practice all summer. He was part of a select lacrosse team who travels around the east coast for tournaments by the end of the summer I was traveling more weekends than at my house.

I don't just play for my team I also guest play a lot all around the club.

My team and I went and saw the Portland thorns play seattle rain with and saw hope solo

Hanging out with friends!!!

Summer Vacation

San Diego is the first place I visited this summer!!

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3 years ago

I got it Holly! It's also "Featured" Nice job, way to go..